The Oxbridge Africa Mentorship Programme aims to identify the best young talents in Africa and mentor these talents to become effective leaders in their chosen fields. The project focuses on mentoring young people in their teens. OXCAMP believes the future of Africa and the development of the continent depends on the best minds put to the service of all. However these young talents must be identified and developed at the earliest opportunity.

We believe the challenges confronting Africa can only be overcome through identification and harnessing of the human talents on the continent. The process of development would require constructive engagement with different people and contexts. At the heart of the OXCAMP initiative is mentoring. This programme seeks to identify the best talents through an open competitive process.

OXCAMP is unique in its mentorship scheme. The scheme is designed to provide mentoring for the selected students to enable them develop their potential and offer good leadership in their chosen field. We provide each student with a mentor and prepare them to compete for places and scholarships at Cambridge, Oxford and other world-class universities. We also provide opportunity for peer-to-peer support and networking among our students in the different countries across the continent through our annual summer camp and internship scheme.