Founder's Message

Welcome to OXCAMP. This initiative was conceived after about a decade of studies and teaching at University of Cambridge. I left Ghana after my early education to the United Kingdom to pursue postgraduate studies. I have been at the University of Cambridge since 2005 both as a student and a researcher. During this period, I have had the privilege of teaching and supervising undergraduate and postgraduate students with varied backgrounds from law, psychology, sociology and international politics. I have been president of many societies and have embarked on several initiatives aimed at helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds but with great talents to believe in themselves and to harness their potential for greater achievement. The experience acquired through these initiatives and my years of teaching on various summer school programmes at Cambridge have convinced me of the need to undertake this initiative to help talented students in Africa who are severely underrepresented in Cambridge and other top universities in the world. Importantly, this initiative is an effort towards identifying young talents and nurturing them to build effective leadership that will transform Africa. Through our unique mentoring scheme in partnership with some colleges at Cambridge University and Oxford University as well as other world class academic Institutions, we aim to forge cross-context dialogue and exchange of knowledge that will help broaden the scope of participants and build effective leadership qualities for positive transformation. I hope you would be inspired to be part of the change and transformation of Africa and our continent.