About Us

The OXCAMP Club initiative is aimed at bringing together our students in the various schools to offer peer-to-peer support and take up other responsibilities in their respective schools. The initial focus is on schools in deprived communities where challenges such as inadequate staff and teaching materials exist. OXCAMP club members who are gifted in particular subjects where the school lack adequate staff take up the responsibility of leading teaching and learning in this subject areas during OXCAMP sessions whilst they receive mentoring and support from our OXCAMP mentors who are experts in those subjects. 

OXCAMP provides ebook readers stocked with relevant materials to the participating schools to be used by club members and teachers to aid learning and teaching. OXCAMP is happy to collaborate with organisations who are willing to support our effort in boosting the quality of learning and teaching in these selected deprived schools by providing us with ebook readers, laptops and other teaching and learning aids. Email us at teach@oxcampafrica.com if you are interested in supporting or collaborating with us on this programme initiative.  

Our Volunteers

Eugene Brown Agyei