The Oxbridge Africa Mentorship Programme was founded in 2012. It began as a response to the virtual absence of African students studying especially at the undergraduate level in Cambridge and Oxford University. Then it quickly became clear that the problem is not peculiar to these two universities, but all Ivy League universities in North America and across the world. We concluded based on our research that the severe under-representation of young talents from Africa in Cambridge, Oxford and world class universities is not because of the absence of talents but the lack of information and effective mentoring scheme to prepare these young talents to compete favourably for places and scholarships in these universities.

The few who make it to these schools tend to come from rich family backgrounds with years of exposure and support. It also became painfully clear to us that the problem replicates itself even in the good universities in Africa. In the process many talents are lost.

The OXCAMP Africa initiative is to help address this gap and offer guidance and support that will transform the lives of these young talents for the benefit of the continent and the world. We believe every child deserves a chance to develop their talent and become the best that they can be. This can be achieved through mentoring and support.

We also believe that by giving our time and resources to support these young talents we would not only support their development but also inculcate in them the spirit of service to others in need. Part of our mission is to mentor our students to become effective leaders who care about their communities and the world and are prepared to contribute their talents and skills to solving some of the challenges confronting the continent and the world.

We hope you will join us in this mission and make a difference in a young persons life