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Our focus is to mentor young people
to be the best they can

The Oxbridge Africa Mentorship Programme (OXCAMP Africa) is an initiative aimed at identifying the best talents in Africa and
mentoring them to become  effective leaders


We believe in the future of Africa

Our Focus

Summer School

The OXCAMP residential summer school is an important part of the OXCAMP Mentorship scheme. It is a collaborative effort between OXCAMP and some

Internship Scheme

Whatever your plan is, our theme makes it simple to combine, rearrange and customize elements as you desire.

Teach Africa

Teach Africa offers a unique opportunity for brilliant students and researchers to volunteer as teachers in OXCAMP participating seniors high schools in Africa.

OXCAMP Inspiration

Why context matters in criminology

In Ghana, if you want to develop effective interventions you need to look at family and community dynamics and reinforce the mechanisms that help...


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Postgraduate students applying to undertake a doctoral degree at Cambridge will no longer have...

How Pisa became the world’s most important exam

"Your education today is your economy tomorrow," says Andreas Schleicher from the Organisation for...

Cambridge Raise Science offer

Cambridge has  announced that  as  of the  2015  application  cycle  students studying Maths, Medicine,...

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