Our Mentors

OXCAMP mentoring is about inspiring, guiding and supporting a young talented person to identify and develop his/her potential for the service of his/her community and country.OXCAMP believes that the future of every country and continent depends on its brightest minds put to the service of all.

For this to happen these talents must first be identified and nurtured.A key part of the process is mentoring by adults who embody the qualities and aspirations of the young ones.

OXCAMP is therefore an initiative that aims to offer young talents in Africa good mentors to guide and support them in developing their talents and skills that provide solutions to the many challenges confronting the continent.As generally acknowledged, bad examples leads to bad results just as as good examples leads to positive influence.It is important that young people have exemplary individuals to inspire them to develop their talents, achieve their set goals and become the best that they can be for the benefit of their communities and the world.

As Adannaya Igwe aptly remarked, the ‘loss of a brilliant child’s potential is a terrible waste’, and for far too long Africa have lost such brilliant minds partly because of the lack of effective guidance and mentoring. It is not all about talent and ambition, it is also about mentoring and preparation.

Anyone who believes he has the qualities to offer good mentorship to a young person can volunteer as OXCAMP mentor.

Our mentors include undergraduates, postgraduates including masters and PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, lecturers, scientists, professors and professionals in business and the corporate world. There is no restriction in terms of country.

However, you must be at least 18 years to qualify as a mentor. Mentor’s applications are assessed on individual basis with particular attention given to one’s track record and values such as honesty, integrity, and expertise or achievements in one’s field of endeavour.

It is important that mentors can inspire and guide our young talents both by their words and deeds.

OXCAMP has clear rules governing the relationship between mentors and mentees.This is detailed in the OXCAMP Mentor Guidelines and Conditions. This document must be read carefully by all prospective mentors before completing the Mentor’s Form.

For instance, document details, among other things, the type of relationship we expect between mentors and mentees; it emphasise the need to observe all relevant national laws and international conventions on matters concerning adults interaction with minors.

The OXCAMP Guidelines and Conditions also clearly state that mentors have no financial obligation whatsoever towards mentees. Any such demands from mentee clearly violates the rules of mentorship and must be reported to OXCAMP for redress.