Frequently Asked Questions

The Oxbridge Africa Mentorship Programme (OXCAMP Africa) is an initiative aimed at identifying young talents in Africa and mentoring them to develop their potential and offer good leadership in their chosen field. OXCAMP believe the future of Africa and the development of the continent depends on the best minds put to the service of all. The many challenges confronting Africa can only be overcome through identification and harnessing of the human talents. The process of development will require constructive engagement with different people and contexts. At the heart of the OXCAMP initiative is our unique mentorship scheme where our students are inspired and guided by accomplished adults in their chosen fields.

The programme focuses on talented young people in high schools in Africa. Any student in high school in Africa between ages 14 and 17 qualifies to apply. We have students from several African countries Ghana, Nigeria and the Gambia. We are seeking to expand to South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya and other countries in East Africa and across the continent. Contact us if you are interested in volunteering with us as OXCAMP country coordinator.

Application is assessed on individual basis and on their own merit. We look for young talents in any discipline with the right motivation and the potential to excel. We assess this in a number of ways including information provided on the application form, school records, school references and interviews with applicants. Once a candidate is successful, we require a return of a signed parental consent form before the student is enrolled on the mentorship scheme.

Anyone can volunteer as OXCAMP mentor regardless of nationality. The primary criteria is an adult (18+) with a sound mind and with integrity who is passionate about the development of young talents and are willing to use their educational background and expertise to inspire and guide these young talents. As we are keen to guide these young talents to the best schools and programmes, individuals with strong links to some of the world best schools and scholarship are our prime targets as mentors.

Our mentors are adults with relevant qualifications who are passionate to help young talents succeed. Examples of who our mentors can be found on our website. They include undergraduates, postgraduates, postdoctoral researchers, academics and professionals from universities like Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale, and some good universities in Africa and across the world. Mentors are carefully screened to ensure that they meet our strict criteria.

Click here to download or complete our online application form, or contact us directly by email at or by phone on +44 (0) 122336080. You can also reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

No, our mentorship scheme is free and based on merit. We do not charge students to enroll on the mentorship scheme. Once students meet our qualifying criteria, we will enroll them on the mentorship scheme.  There may however be a waiting period as we attempt to find our students a suitable mentor.

We use information provided to match mentors and mentees. A variety of factors such as subject interest and expertise are taken into account in assigning mentors.

We do not offer scholarships.  However, we do have limited funding for exceptional but needy students to prepare for International exams such as SAT, IB and the IGCSE that will qualify them to access competitive scholarship in top universities. See our student section for more details about funding and sponsorship packages.

Our main office is in Cambridge, UK with regional offices and coordinators located in Ghana, Nigeria, the Gambia, South Africa, Kenya and Botswana. Visit the relevant section on our website for contact details for our various offices and coordinators.

Yes, we continue to expand into other African countries. Our aim is to cover the entire continent in 10 years, and become the attraction point for young talents on the continent.

OXCAMP Summer School is an intensive 4-week summer programme in Cambridge for promising high school students in Africa.  The programme is aimed at exposing the selected students to the Cambridge environment and building their interest, skills and confidence to apply to Cambridge and other top universities. Students are taught by Cambridge students and academics, and get the opportunity to interact and network with Cambridge students.

Yes, the summer school is different from the mentorship scheme. Enrolment on the summer school is not a guarantee for mentorship. Students can choose to participate in either or both programmes.


No, you apply for either or both the mentorship scheme and the summer school using the same application form. You have the option to tick which scheme you are applying for. The requirements for the mentorship and the summer school are however different and applications will be assessed on their individual merits based on the respective criteria for the mentorship and the summer school

TAP is one of our initiatives that aim to send volunteers teachers to participating high schools in Africa. These are usually deprived high schools that face many challenges in relation to teaching and learning.  Volunteer teachers spend a period of 4-6 weeks in the school supporting teaching and learning.

Our current priority subject areas are: English, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Psychology, and Sport Science.

Schools currently participating in TAP are in Ghana, Nigeria, the Gambia and South Africa. We aim to gradually expand to include schools in other Africa countries.

Anyone above 18 is qualified to apply to volunteer for TAP. Applications are however assessed on individual basis depending on subject expertise and the country you apply to volunteer to teach.

You are responsible for your own travel expenses. OXCAMP will however help arrange for accommodation, and in some cases may be able to provide free accommodation for the duration to visit to a particular school.

TAP application form can be downloaded from our website. Alternatively, contact us directly by email at, or by phone on +44(0)1223366080 for application form.

OXCAMP Clubs are formed across participating schools by OXCAMP students to facilitate peer-to-peer network and support. OXCAMP club members are guided by the principle of service for the common good. Some of their core activities include members volunteering to lead in subjects that they lack teachers by learning from their mentors and they in turn teaching their peers in their school. OXCAMP club members also engage in community support activities and live by example by upholding OXCAMP core value of service to community and using their talents to help solves common problems in their communities.

There are various ways you can support OXCAMP initiatives. First is by volunteering as OXCAMP mentor. Your time is what we value most as time spent supporting and guiding our students make a huge difference to their lives. Watching a young person develop as they make informed decisions based on sound advice and guidance from a mentor is both fulfilling and rewarding. You can also volunteer on our Teach Africa Programme, or by helping with our summer school activities as a teacher, a guide or activities director.  You may also wish to donate books, laptops e-readers to support our OXCAMP Club initiative or our Teach Africa Programme.  You can also donate to support our mentorship scheme, or by sponsoring a young talent to our Cambridge Summer School, or by paying for our exceptional but needy students to take one of the international exams such as SAT, IB, Cambridge Assessment to help them become eligible to apply for to top schools and competitive for international scholarships.