Africa Summer Camp

The Africa Summer Camp is a two-week intensive summer camp for our students. The summer camp provides opportunity for our students to meet in an African country to learn, network and provide peer-to-peer support.

During this period, the students are taught by our highly qualified volunteer teachers from top universities. They are exposed to a broad range disciplines such as Mathematics, Biochemistry, Astrophysics, Medicine, Philosophy, History, Law, International Relation, Psychology, Literature, Creative Writing, Computer Science etc.

The students also engage in competitive activities and undertake educational tour during the period of the summer camp. The summer camp is free to our students. Non-oxcamp students interested in attending the summer camp contact us in the first instance. Volunteer teachers include our mentors and Teach Africa volunteers and any qualified person who wishes to volunteer their time as summer camp teacher.

To qualify for the summer camp, you need to apply to be part of our mentoring programme. Click here for application form


Click here if you wish to volunteer to teach on our Africa summer camp or Teach Africa scheme or simply as oxcamp volunteer