Dr. Kofi Boakye

Dr. Kofi Boakye is the Founder and Director of the Oxbridge Africa Mentorship Programme, was launched formally in 2012 to identify and mentor young talents in Africa.

Dr Boakye had his early education in Ghana before pursuing his postgraduate education at University of Cambridge where he also became a Betty Behrens Research Fellow at Clare Hall College. Dr. Boakye is a chartered Psychologist and a Criminologist. He is visiting lecturer at University of Ghana, a Chartered Psychologist and a Lecturer in Criminology.

He has also taught for many years on numerous summer school programmes at University of Cambridge and mentored several talented young people from the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.
He is the recipient of numerous awards including the Betty Behrens Research Fellowship Award, American Bar Foundation Award, International Division of the American Society of Criminology Award, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Cambridge Gates Scholar Award, Commonwealth Scholarship Award, and the Carnegie Diasporan Fellowship Award