Eva Namusoke

Mentor’s statement
I have been very fortunate to have an education at some of the best institutions in the world and one thing has always been clear – there is a distinct lack of African students. When we do see each other, it’s always mentioned how many bright young people there are back home who would thrive in the challenging environments we are in. The question remains how to get more African students applying and pursuing higher education in these institutions. For many of my African friends who attended university here after all their schooling in Africa, there is a consensus that a stronger network of Africans in these universities would have been incredibly useful. It’s important to demystify these universities in order to make them more accessible to the brightest students. I’ve realized that many bright young students from underrepresented groups are just keen to see others who look like them at top universities. In terms of my own personal experience, I have made it a point to reach out to young people who are interested in applying to university. I believe that volunteering as a mentor will play a small part in this pursuit.