Prof. David Dunne

For 30 years, David Dunne has partnered African colleagues (in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mali, Gabon and Ghana) to research human parasitic diseases. He is also the Director of the Cambridge-Africa Programme at the University of Cambridge (

This programme was initiated by Professor Dunne in 2008 to enable more Cambridge researchers to engage with African colleagues in a wide range of disciplines, to address African priorities, in Africa. The Cambridge-Africa Programme identifies, supports and collaborates with outstanding researchers on the African continent through various capacity building initiatives and knowledge exchange partnerships with African universities and research institutes. Through Cambridge-Africa, several Cambridge researchers mentor young African researchers, teach on annual specialist courses or run workshops in Africa.

The Programme also supports Cambridge students to set up entrepreneurial/volunteering activities in Africa (e.g. the Cambridge Development Initiative), and is helping to connect Africans currently studying at the University of Cambridge to each other, and to African alumni. Such broad support from the Cambridge-Africa Programme, led by Professor Dunne, is helping to establish a research, teaching and entrepreneurial base that will in turn transform not only Higher Education in Africa, but also have a direct impact on economic growth and s