OXCAMP The Gambia mentee Ndey yassin Camara wins prestigious MasterCard Foundation Scholarship to McGill University!

 Ndey Yassin Camara is our latest student to win a prestigious scholarship to a world-class university confirming the positive impact that the Oxbridge Africa mentorship programme continues to make in the lives of our mentees.  Ndey yassin is one of our first OXCAMP students from The Gambia having joined as a Grade 11 student from the Gambia Senior Secondary School in 2015. In 2016, she was selected as the head girl of her school and has won several awards.  

She is very intelligent, hardworking and has aspirations to become a health professional in the future. She is also passionate about volunteering in her community and is active in several youth initiatives. 

Ndey Yassin will be joining McGill University (Canada) in August 2017 to read B.Sc. in Biological, Biomedical and Life sciences. She is dynamic, humble and an inspiration to her peers!

Interview with Ndey Yassin Camara

Tell us about yourself.

I am Ndey Yassin Camara, a 19-year old Gambian lady. I was born and brought up in Tobacco Road, Banjul with five siblings. My parents are from a village called Badibu in the outskirts of the country. Around the age of eight, I experienced my first loss when my dad passed away. As a result, I was singly brought up by my mother. I have profound interest in extracurricular activities such as drama, debate, as well as sports. I am so much interested in drawing and writing too.


What are your career aspirations?

I have a great desire to work in the medical sector in the near future. I also want to be a volunteer to help develop my community in various aspects, a mentor and an advocate for girls’ and women’s rights. I also want to have my own social media page that that will serve as an inspirational site for people especially the youth.


Besides education, what drives you?

I am very passionate about volunteerism and being an inspiration to others. I love helping people in ways I can such as organizing free tutorial sessions with students, community services, writing and sharing articles on social media, etc. Motivating people has now become a part of me as I am quite influential and exemplary. I am also passionate about entrepreneurship and becoming a part-time entrepreneur.


Which of your achievements are you most proud of and why?

  • Graduating as the best student in my high school with twelve prizes in different disciplines, I did not only make myself proud but my family as well.
  • I had the second best WASSCE result in The Gambia in the year 2016 and the best female overall. The best result that my school ever had since its establishment. This was my biggest achievement in high school and I will always be remembered for that.
  • Winning the best female camper of the Bright Stars summer camp 2016, organized by the U.S. Embassy and The Young Men’s Christian Association(YMCA) was also a delight because there were students across the country that took part and I was selected.
  • Being awarded a certificate in The University of The Gambia Debate Championship. This is because I never thought I could conquer my fears of public speaking.


What challenges do you face in fulfilling your goals?

One of the biggest challenges I have been facing with my schooling is financial assistance. I do not come from a wealthy family. In light of this, my mother and my sister are the bread winners of the family and they work tirelessly to make ends meet.


How has the OXCAMP mentorship benefitted you?

The mentorship has been quite beneficial in the following aspects:

  • Networking: Through the mentorship program, I am able to network efficiently with other students from different schools. I made friendship with my fellow mentees, which is really vital. In addition, I am also able to connect well with my mentor abroad.
  • Self-realization: I have realized some of my potentials through the mentorship through networking with my mentor and fellow mentees.
  • Motivation: This is one of the most important benefit of the mentorship. My mentor has been a good source of motivation. Whenever I have a plan in mind, I communicate with her and she always boost my spirit especially when things seem rough.

What advice would you give to your peers?

My first advice is we should not wait for the program coordinator or director to do something, we can start with the little resources we have. My second advice is that we should work harder in whatever we do so as to prove ourselves worthy of this opportunity. And lastly, let’s engage in community development projects to help the people in our communities in any way we can and not expect anything in return.