Oxcamp School Visitations

OXCAMP School Visitations.

Step  by step, little by little, we moved from school to school, from different ends of the region to the opposite ends, from Accra to Kumasi to Asante Mampong, we embarked on the journey to introduce the unique mentorship programme, named the Oxbridge Africa Mentorship Programme to various schools across Ghana. Throughout the journey, came a myriad of mixed feelings, we felt the excitement within, the ignition to embark on an initiative that would give hope to the hopeless and direction to the young seekers.

Feelings of joy, peace, strength and at the same time wrought with disappointment, pain and anguish. Who ever imagined that a journey to bring hope and direction could be ignored or beaten down by a few, nevertheless, we persevered,  failure was not an option, we had to gear up for the opposition even in the race to impact generations to come.

The Experience

The project assistants named Erica Katsekpor and George Ofori visited various Senior High Schools in Ghana, including the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School, Nsutaman Senior High School, Ashaiman Senior High School, Accra Academy, Opoku Ware Senior High School, Prempeh Senior High School and St. Joseph Senior High School. These visits took place from the 4th of June, 2017 through to the 12th of July, 2017. Oxcamp visited these schools in an effort to introduce the mentorship program to students and to encourage them to enrol unto the program, as well as to participate in the residential summer camp at the University of Ghana.

During the presentations, the project assistants took time to explain the importance of the mentorship programme and why it was necessary and beneficial for students to enrol on the programme. Most presentations were delivered during the morning assemblies in the various schools with majority of the students present.

Final Remarks

For schools where opportunity was provided to introduce oxcamp to the students, we were overwhelmed by the positive feedback and enthusiasm of the students to get on board the initiative. We are encouraged and spurred on by these positive feedback and will continue visit more schools in Ghana to share the exciting initiative and opportunity with these gifted students whose talents needs to be harnessed for the benefit of Ghana, Africa and the world. Oxcamp BELIEVES in the future of Africa. BELIEVE WITH US!