MY PASSION | The Article


If I had been asked this question some years ago, I would have replied; an aeronautical engineer and an astronaut”. At ten, I would say an astrophysicist. I would write a full paged essay explaining why this was my passion and why I was passionate about it. And it was the fact at that time, and it is still very true. That was all I could think about; I did a lot of research, read a lot of books related to the field and discussed about it a lot with older people.

At some point, I discovered a liking for some other things I came across during my little study. I was given a drawing assignment and I did it very well and so discovered I had a liking for the Arts, I was put in the school glee club and our glee club coordinator, Mr. Solomon came to a conclusion that singing was a part of me and that I should put in more effort. Meanwhile, I was doing very well in the sciences.

As I became older, I continued to discover new things that I loved doing, and by the time I realised; I had a strong liking for debating, especially political issues. I had a strong liking for debating, especially political issues. I had written a lot of books that are yet to be published, I was representing my school in science competitions, singing and Arts competitions. I was very diverse, confused and this was very new to me. I remember the words of my teacher; “You need a focal point, Mary. You need to concentrate on one thing”.

I have come to a conclusion that passion is not necessarily a job or talent. It is, as I believe, what drives you to do more. Over the years, I have denied having a passion as a result of my conflicting talents, but now I have one, and that is helping people in any way I can with all the gifts and talents that nature has bestowed me. Whether as an engineer, a writer, a singer or an artist. Leonardo Da Vinci, one of my role models did it in the Italian Renaissance and so I can.

I think part of my passion is to assist other young minds find a meaning in life, a career path to discover something innovative. Maybe one day, I will become an astronaut at the National Agency for Space Administration (NASA) or even have my own space station, but then, I will help young people aspiring to become astronauts to get there, especially in Africa, where the programme is not being taken seriously but the next step in world evolution. Or maybe a famous song-writer who has best-selling books and a studio, and help people find their way into understanding modern literation while linking it to medieval literature. Or an architect, who is revival African Architecture as well as Victorian structures to provide housing for less privileged people.

This is my passion, it is not much but it is what I want to do; to impact the world by helping people through the things that I already do. And who knows? It might go a long way to help a lot of people in the world. And again who knows? I might change the world and that is exactly what I am passionate about; TO CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH THE LITTLE THINGS I DO; “BY HELPING OTHERS”.

Bassey Mary Inyang