Hindrance is a word which means something that prevents or retards the activities of an individual. Africa as a whole has factors which results in the hindrance of her development. Such factors include high illiteracy rate, conflicts, self-concept, rapid population growth, favoritism and nepotism, bribery and corruption etc.

To start with, one of the major hindrances to development in Africa is proliferation of conflict. Conflict is the misunderstanding or argument between two or more people or a group. When conflicts occur they mostly cause destruction of life, property and destroy our resources which can be used for development. Resources which can be used for developmental projects are then used to cater for the victims of the conflict, that is, for the provision of food and shelter for them and this greatly retards development of countries in Africa.

Also, another major factor, although when compared to my first point is in a lower rank is high population growth. High population growth is the increase in the number of people in a geographical area at a specific time. Out of the increasing number of the youth, some are literates others are not, some are employed others are not. And since not all people are employed they become a burden to the country, mostly the greater percentage of the youth themselves engage in irresponsible behaviours such as prostitution, armed robbery etc. which also does not help in the development of countries in Africa.

To continue, favoritism and Nepotism is also that retards the development in Africa. In the sense that people favor or select people they may know or related to them. Sometimes they are employed in industries or companies because they belong to the same place (hometown) even though not all are qualified to do so. This does not help in the development of Africa because those with skills needed are left unemployed and unproductive.

Last but not least, one of the important factors that has to be taken care of critically is bribery and corruption. Bribery is an act of giving gifts etc. to someone in exchange of something or to get something in return. Corruption is when one uses his/her position or authority for their personal gains. Those in authority collect bribes because of their corrupt nature or are persuaded to employ the unskilled thus production and rate of development is minimized which greatly retards the development of countries in Africa.

I would like to conclude by saying, hindrances on the development of Africa are caused by Africans and development is possible if we create a good self-concept of ourselves and change our ways of living.

Thank you

Owusu – Achiaw Chris

Prempeh College